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Active Stretch Routine to Improve Flexibility and Posture


Use active stretches to improve muscular flexibility, joint range of motion, and posture. These stretches and exercises can be incorporated into your warm-up routine, as an active recovery method, or used on a regular basis to improve the way you move and feel.

When compared to traditional static stretching, active stretches carry a number of benefits:

1. Enhanced proprioceptive input which facilitates changes in posture and the release of overactive/tight muscles.

2. Increased neuromuscular demand which drives activation of muscles in an end range position leading to improved motor control or dynamic joint stability.

3. When guided by postural principles, the increased global muscular activation leads to the coordination needed to enhance posture.

4. Helps create the 'feel' necessary for improving movement and posture. It's one thing to think through movement/posture, it's another thing to feel it. We want to feel movement/posture

5. Increased preparedness for training, practice, or competition.

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