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Advanced Balance & Coordination Exercises


Sensory Motor Training

SMT is a targeted approach to training the proprioceptive system and it’s pathways involved with the control of equilibrium and posture.

SMT is used to train the upright posture of the body with the emphasis placed on ideal posture during dynamic stability.

Benefits of SMT:

1️⃣ Increases speed of activation of muscle

2️⃣ Improves muscle coordination

3️⃣ Improves pelvic stability through the increased activation of the trunk and gluteal muscles

4️⃣ Improves foot function when ideal foot loading and posture is maintained

Indications for SMT (sub acute patients and performance training considerations):

✅ Post-injury or post-operative

✅ Chronic back or neck pain

✅ Faulty posture with respiratory dysfunction

✅ General hypermobility or instability

✅ Postpartum muscle imbalance

✅ Prevention of falls in senior populations

✅ General physical preparation or fitness

SMT has a wide range of applications and is traditionally trained through 1-leg balance drills, wobble boards, rocker boards, balance sandals, and mini trampolines. All tools we use regularly at GP.

Here we demonstrate a couple advanced variations which incorporate anti-rotational stressors via bands or kettlebells which only take muscular coordination and dynamic stability challenge to another level.

Source: Rehabilitation of the Spine by Liebenson

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