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Exercise - Choose Consistency Over Intensity

Exercise or training should not be fatigue seeking. The problem with a lot of training programs or exercise in general is that they are fatigue seeking.

The primary mentality is to work hard, wear you down and make you sore rather than build competency or skill. This is a mistake and, all do respect, it's wrong.

This is especially true for athletes. If your workout or training is taxing you so much and making you so sore that you can't perform or learn new sport skills, it is counterproductive. You physically cannot drain yourself in a workout, day in and day out, and expect to see improvements in sport mastery. Your body doesn't have enough reserves and you'll never reach mastery.

You cannot go "all out" every work. You cannot go maximal effort every day. But most people think this is they way to do it because that's what they've been told or what most of us see in videos of athletes training. This could be any sport athlete, fighter, or strength athlete. No one wants to put out a video of an athlete who is tapering or who is focusing on building training volume rather than going hard. We just see videos and visions of these athletes peaking or when intensity is at its highest. We made the mistake of assuming this is how they train all the time.

If you would watch most athletes train and practice year round, you'd see a totally different story. Your reaction may be more along the line of, "That wasn't so intense. That wasn't that tiring." Great athletes train for the long run, not to burn themselves out.

Why? You want to set yourself up to train the next day rather than feeling like you are so sore and tired that you can't train or have a lousy training session. This mentality and approach correlates with mastery.

You can't red line the body regularly with intensity. Most athletes that practice this mentality are too beat up by the time they get good at their sport.

Yes great athletes train with intensity but they do it periodically and strategically.  This is "Consistency over Intensity". You don't have to be an athlete to learn from these concepts. Apply them get far more out of your workouts and your training in achieving your strength or fitness goals.

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