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Maintaining Health & Athleticism Over the Long Run


I've never highly regarded myself. There’s tons more athletic and stronger people out there. For what I lacked in natural ability, I’ve been disciplined and worked to accomplish tasks and goals. Even at age 36.

I’ve loved training hard and learning about the human body since I was 14. Ultimately it’s what lead me to what it is I do today. I knew as much as I wanted to learn, I wanted to help people more.

There’s much I’ve learned and continue to learn. And the same can be said for my brother Ryan. We want to take what we’ve learned and pass that on to those we work with. We may not be super accomplished, but what we’ve learned we hope enables others to accomplish way more than we ever have.

Here’s some things I’ve learned that I strongly feel enable you to stay healthy and maintain athleticism over the long-term:

1) Chiropractic and massage therapy work. Leave the ‘evidence based’ nonsense out of the conversation. If it wasn’t for these professions, I would be beyond broken - living in pain and wondering what happened to my quality of life. If you find a good chiro and massage therapist - make them part of your team.

2) Training hard is essential. Training smart is vital. You must be driven and patient. Listen to your body and keep the long-term in mind. This really matters if you hope to train and compete into your late 20s, 30s, 40s, and beyond.

3) Be humble and be a student. Always be willing to learn and accept the fact that you don’t have it figured out. There’s countless people I’ve learned from and I’m truly grateful to them.

4) Practice ideal posture, movement, sleep habits, nutrition, and stress management - for you. These are so individualized it can be hard to give the best guidance with general recommendations. Learn what your body responds best to and be consistent.

5) Surround yourself with a strong support system. Nobody accomplishes much in life all by themselves. People that genuinely encourage you, sharpen you, and hold you accountable are rare and invaluable.

Video: Split squat 200x15/each leg (yeah it’s 14 on the right leg cause I’m no good at counting but no doubt I had 15 in the bag)
Landmine lateral split squat - 135x5/each
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