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The Best Hip Exercise You're Not Doing


Introducting the Best Hip Exercise You’re Not Doing - Half Kneeling to Heel Sitting

For all you glute and booty fanatics, nothing beats properly performed squats, deadlifts, lunges, and RDLs for glutes that not only look great but work even better.

Problem is most people don’t perform the big exercises well and therefore resort to ways to “activate” or better “isolate” glute function. This is why hip thrusts, clam shells, and so on exist. They can all have their place when used with a plan and purpose.

From DNS we bring you a great drill to learn how to properly load the glutes, improve hip rotational mobility, and restore ideal function between the hips and torso. Introducing half kneeling to tall sitting.

Don’t underestimate this drill. It’s much more challenging than it looks. If you can perform this with control and precision of movement and posture, congrats you have beautifully functioning hips. For those that have challenges with it, be patient and focus on feeling the movement performed correctly. You want to feel the glute and vastus medialis of the quad working together through the movement.

Is this a real struggle for you? Plug this drill into your regular training routine. Follow the advice in the video. Perform it on the regular and watch how it not only helps your strength and movement improve but also gets rid of unwanted muscle tightness or pain in the low back, hips, and knees.

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