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Trigger Points Are A Good Thing In A Poorly Functioning System

One of my favorite quotes I’ve heard. Period.

Identification and treatment of muscular trigger points is often a common therapeutic intervention of physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, and other physical medicine providers. There’s an entire industry of products devoted to enabling people to work on their triggers points at home or at the gym. Clearly trigger points and muscular pain is a problem that many struggle with and yet never seem to resolve despite their own best efforts.

The bigger question many people ask is why. “Why do I have that trigger point?” Yes treatment of triggers points is valuable, but often the trigger point is a result of a poor functioning muscular and joint system. This is the why. Left unaddressed, poor function will continue to drive the presence of trigger points.

Trigger points arguably present to help stabilize our body and prevent unnecessary load or stress to tissues or joints that could potentially result in injury.

This is why we must evaluate for and restore proper joint function and proper movement function. Otherwise we have our answer to the recurrent presence of trigger points.

What this means is that resolution of trigger points is best treated with a combination of manual massage therapy/release techniques, chiropractic manipulative therapy when indicated, and restoring proper movement/posture habits to our body. Simply rolling on a foam ball is not enough. Sure you may get relief, but given enough time, that trigger point will return if not treated more comprehensively.

If you’re spinning your wheels why you can’t get out of pain or get rid of tight muscles, you need to identify the gaps in your approach because something is being missed that is driving those symptoms.

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