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Finding a Solution Requires Not Being Part of the Problem

There are many examples of things we just assume to be true for long periods of time that aren't true at all. The perpetuation of this group think is a real problem.

This is especially true when it comes to the industries of nutrition, health care, and fitness. Here's some examples:

Dietary cholesterol has no impact on blood cholesterol levels. There is no reason to limit cholesterol in the diet. It has no impact on risk of heart disease and there is no evidence to support any link to heart disease. Except in the cases of genetic variations, the same can be said for saturated fat. Most people end up avoiding these nutrients at the expense of their own health and performance.

Sodium has been demonized for decades when its arguably one of the most critically essential nutrients in our diet. Sodium has no impact on blood pressure when you control for variables such as potassium, calcium, Vitamin K, Vitamin D, and thyroid hormone levels. The recommendations for adequate sodium intake can vary greatly based on individualized considerations, but many people are falling short of a healthy range of sodium simply because they believe too much sodium is bad for them.

More and more research is proving the efficacy of chiropractic and massage therapy. Sure there are some bad eggs out there, but the overwhelming majority provide excellent results through treatment that is both evidence-based and safe.

Resistance training has long been considered too harmful or damaging for adolescents. However the reality is, when proper instruction, supervision and programming is accounted for, resistance training is safer than most youth sports.

A huge reason why these misconceptions perpetuate lies in over generalized recommendations. As with most cases, the best answer to finding a solution is, "It depends." We need to move toward more personalized recommendations that take into account an individual's current health status, goals, lifestyle habits, and genetics while taking it consideration the most current guidelines.

You are either part of the problem and perpetuating group think or part of the solution and exposing false claims.

Don't be part of the problem, be part of the solution. What misconceptions do you encounter regularly that people need to hear the true story on?

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