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personal training college football stronger faster healthy pittsburgh

Stronger, Faster, Healthier Than Ever

“My personal experience with Gallagher Performance has been nothing less than exceptional. I’ve made tremendous strides as an athlete, strides that I never knew I could reach. Sean and Ryan have helped me become stronger, faster, and most importantly to me, healthier than I’ve ever been. This has been my first full football season that I have remained injury free and it has been a result of the intense training of not only working on my strengths but also turning my weaknesses into strengths as well. I’m also stronger and faster than I have ever been before. I would not be where I am at today without the experience I’ve had with Ryan and Sean and I am very grateful for all they have done for me.”

- Colin Jonov, CB, Bucknell University

personal athlete trainer pittsburgh basketball improve strength jump speed

Best decision I've made as an athlete

“My experience at Gallagher Performance has had a major impact on my life, both physically and mentally. My goal when I decided to join Gallagher Performance was to add muscle as well as add speed. Within months of hard training, the results were outstanding. Sean and Ryan have taken away any doubts of ever being able to compete at the next level. Seeing where I was physically and seeing where I am now, joining Gallagher Performance was the best decision I could have made to better myself as an athlete. The knowledge they have for training and your body is exceptional. I cannot thank Sean and Ryan enough for everything they have done for me!”

- Ryan Grieco, OF, Seton Hill University

Injury Protection, Therapy, & Goal Tracking

“My experience at Gallagher Performance has added so much to my performance on the field on so many levels. First, the preseason workouts, muscle building and strength gained, and the massage therapy and the combination of that with my diet and exercise was outstanding. It gave me a schedule, a plan and a goal and reaching it little by little was very rewarding. The professionalism of Ryan and Sean made me feel so confident about their abilities to help me accomplish what I set out to do. The massage therapy following Friday night games were so important to me. I couldn’t wait to get there on Monday night to work out all the areas of tightness. They added to my performance, protected me from injury, helped me to stay on track with diet and weight goals and combined with the therapeutic effects, the outcome was excellent.”

Paul Emanuele, RB, Franklin Regional HS Football

Regular treatment resulted in amazing performance

“The programming in season was designed to stay close to the gains I had made and still have energy to train for rugby, while utilizing different rep schemes and lifts to avoid undue muscle soreness. I was provided with a lot of information on nutrition, sleep, and mobility. Along with regular adjustments and soft-tissue treatment, I had a great season and felt better than I did while playing football in college.”

Carl Nottoli, Palmer College of Chiropractic Rugby

Specific Training, Increased Confidence

“When I came to Gallagher Performance my running technique was poor and my max numbers were relatively low (Squat 330) (Bench 260). Within three months I had skyrocketed to a 420 Pound squat and was benching 300 pounds. I also knocked 2 tenths off of my 25 yard dash time. As I got close to my season, Sean tweaked my program to be more sport specific and based on explosive movements. Overall I feel more confident against my peers on the field and accomplished this by training in a great, friendly environment.”

Vinny Farina, FB/LB, Franklin Regional HS Football
personal athlete trainer pittsburgh basketball improve strength jump speed

More strength, speed, & jumping ability

“June 2013 when I started work with Gallagher Performance I weighed 160lbs. After five months of working with Ryan and Sean, I gained 30 lbs. of muscle and have significantly increased my bench press and squat max. As a result of my time at Gallagher Performance I have greatly improved as a football player, I have more strength, speed and have significantly improved my jumping ability. Working with Sean and Ryan has been extremely helpful. They really care about me and want the best for me. I would strongly recommend Gallagher Performance to others as I believe they are great trainers and I really enjoy working with them.”

Todd Summers, TE, Villanova University

“If you are looking for a local, quality chiropractor… your search is over.”

Jacque Moser
personal training college football stronger faster healthy pittsburgh

Amazing results, education, & dedication to client success

“Gallagher Performance is, for lack of better words, awesome. They got me the staggering results I wanted. On top of getting me amazing results, they educated me through the process, and truly helped me understand what they were doing. But the most important thing is the Gallagher’s care about everyone of their clients, and will do anything to help them.”

Charan Singh, Safety, University of Massachusetts

Genuine, personalized care

So I just wanted to give a HUGE shout out to Ryan for his stupendous knowledge on everything it takes to be a healthy and fit individual. He takes the time to explain what you need to focus on and why.. he encourages interactive/interpersonal communication, and perfects the art of teaching. With passion, genuine care, and a great personality- I will definitely advise that everyone goes to him for Personal Training. Although I only had 4 sessions with him, he taught me very essential work out/nutrition methods. It’s good people like Ryan who keep the world spinning into a happy, healthier lifestyle.

Kessi Osborne

Solution to shoulder pain

“Absolutely the best! Sean was so knowledgeable and explained everything to me as we went through the process of finding the problem & solution to my shoulder pain. He even helped me with other trouble areas that I was unaware of at the time. You can tell he does it to “help” his patients/clients and isn’t one of those who just wants to do it for the money. I’d recommend everyone to GP! Thanks again Sean!”

Jon Cardamone, Head Coach, Deer Lakes HS Junior Varsity Baseball

Personalized workout plan, stronger than ever

“My experience with Gallagher performance has been awesome. The personalized workout plan has been one that makes me enjoy going to the gym. I never feel like I’m getting worn out or doing the same thing over and over again. It challenges me everyday and has made me stronger than I ever have been. If you want results and a healthier lifestyle, trust Gallagher performance”

Hanna Wagner

Tools to unlock improved posture and strength

When I first contacted Sean about setting up a meeting, he responded within the hour and was more than happy to set up a meeting with me. On my first appointment, I instantly felt like he was as interested in helping me, as I was interested in bettering my body. He explained everything to me clearly and genuinely wanted to help me understand everything that was going on. After just one appointment, I noticed improvements in my posture and I wasn’t the only one. Several times friends of mine mentioned that I was carrying myself differently. This was just one week after my first appointment with Sean. After one month I noticed drastic changes in my body. My hips were looser which had a trickle down effect. Pain in my feet, lower back, back shoulder, neck and knees had subsided greatly and improved with time due to the exercises Sean had given me. On my second and third visits, we went over proper form in basic exercises, primarily squats and deadlifts. I had never been taught proper form on these exercises by a professional, and it made all the difference. Sean helped me to understand how the body moves most efficiently in these exercises, and also how these proper forms feel.

I went to Sean to improve my posture, flexibility and strength. After each one of my appointments, I left with a greater understanding of these three aspects, and the tools to unlock them. I’ve had biweekly appointments with physical therapists for up to 6 weeks for a hamstring injury. In my experience, they did not have the same desire to help their patients that I experienced at Gallagher Performance. The results from these therapists was nowhere near those I have seen with Sean. He has the unique quality of caring about his patients and wanting to help them. I wish every therapist performed on the same level that he does. It was nothing but an absolute pleasure to work with him. I would recommend Sean Gallagher to anyone who has questions about furthering their fitness levels, and wants to better understand their body.

- Armand Ignelzi, University of Pittsburgh Rugby
personal training college football stronger faster healthy pittsburgh

Proven Methods

“I first started working with Sean, at Gallagher Performance, due to an injury to my back/SI Joint in 2014. The injury occurred December of 2013 and I went through almost a year of physical therapy and other doctor appointments before coming to Sean to fix the problem. Sean realized what the problem was and started giving me a combination of chiropractic adjustments and specific exercises to strengthen the area and eliminate the problem.

Over the time when I was injured, I was unable to do anything overly physical. The worst thing that can ever happen to a former athlete is to realize that they can no longer be athletic. I needed to do something more, so I came back to Sean immediately and had him write me up a plan and provide one on one guidance to help me achieve my fitness goals. Sean prescribed a rigorous training program that challenged me day in and day out. I noticed results very quickly and within 12 weeks, I felt better than I had felt in the past 10 years!

I am still going strong with Sean’s plans and I look forward to seeing what the future brings using the PROVEN Gallagher Performance methods. Sean single handedly took me from a stale couch potato and he has given me back my manhood! Thanks to Sean I feel like an athlete again. I would recommend Gallagher Performance to ANYBODY looking to get in better shape! They are the best around, hands down!”

- Shaun Davis

Vast knowledge of athletic training & nutrition

“During my time training with Gallagher Performance, I have acquired many things that I did not have before. Through the careful eyes of Ryan and Sean, and their vast knowledge of athletic training and nutritional guidance, I have gained approximately 30 pounds of muscle in the five months I have trained with them. This has allowed me to become a much more dynamic basketball player. It has allowed me to play with a more physical style and to play with more confidence. The environment we train in is relaxed enough that I can enjoy each session, but serious enough that I can see tremendous results. If you are a serious athlete and looking for training that can take you to the next level, I strongly recommend Gallagher Performance”

- Matt Fisch, Franklin Regional HS Basketball

Complete Turnaround thanks to Chiropractic and Massage

“These guys are the best in the area! Sean got my bench respectable again by working his “wizardry” on my shoulders. My legs take a beating as a goaltender, but Ryan and his massage skills got my legs feeling great and functional again. Don’t hesitate to go to these guys!”

- Chris Esasky

One of the best in the profession

“You won’t be let down and will reach your goals with Dr. Gallagher. One of the best in the profession.”

- Dana Pemberton, DC, Clinical Director, Milton Chiropractic & Rehabilitation

Providing the best in Chiropractic Rehab

“Dr. Gallagher is one of the best in the chiropractic rehab world.”

- Adam Sandmaier, DC, Sherwood Chiropractic Centre

“The best. End of story.”

Drew Deppen, DC Motion Performance Group New England

Strength Programming with Serious Results

“One day I had enough and set my goal: to get as strong as I possibly can. I heard about GP’s training approach, so I went to talk to them to see what they had to offer. If you have read as much as I have on fitness blogs and articles, it is easy to separate those who know what they are talking about from those who don’t. After talking with them and even seeing their own performance in the gym, I knew that GP was absolutely the place to turn to.

For the reader who wants to know the results I gained in 2 cycles (24 weeks):

  • Deadlift – went from 425 to 530
  • Push Press – went from 165 to 270
  • Front squat – went from 175 to 350 (and yes I sat on my heels)

I did this at 235 pounds with 13% body fat (+ 2% for user error). I also made these gains after 5 years of my own piss-poor programming, i.e. HIIT, which left me with nothing more than diagnosed adrenal fatigue. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, Google “adrenal fatigue” and read how hard it is to make gains in the gym or even operate on a functional level throughout the day. For those readers who have been searching for great programming but don’t know where to turn, here you go. 

Throughout my cycles I could email them at any time with questions, concerns, or feedback. My workouts were changed based on how my performance was in the gym the week prior. I was excited to go to the gym to see how much I could lift that day. The new programming translated into better focus at school too. My gains were nothing like they had been before and I absolutely recommend GP’s programming to everyone.”
- Jared Sporrer

dramatic results, nothing less than awesome

If you’re looking for sports performance training don’t bother looking anywhere else. My experience at Gallagher Performance has been nothing less than awesome. I was never excited to go to the gym before, however working with GP changed that. I would be excited to go and put in work, while seeing my strength levels increase dramatically. I’ve made tremendous strides since I first started and my body feels stronger and healthier than ever. Ryan and Sean are very personable and are great to work with. I look forward to training with them next summer and for many summers to come.

- Wes Ashley, Pembroke Lumber Kings, Central Canada Hockey League

personal training college football stronger faster healthy pittsburgh

Looked beyond my pain for answers

“My arrival to Gallagher Performance was not necessarily glamorous. I was in the best shape of my life physically but could not understand why I continued to battle a reoccurring bicep tendonitis which inhibited me from performing at my best on the mound. I had tried resting along with physical therapy which left me with success only temporarily. I viewed Gallagher Performance as a different approach that ‘couldn’t hurt, might help.’ This outlook stemmed from an overall lack of experience with and even doubt towards chiropractic medicine. My experience with Sean, a chiropractor, was nothing like I had expected. I came seeking a full arm massage but left with knowledge regarding my anatomy and mechanics which has allowed me to return to my own peak performance. They looked far beyond my bicep for answers. They made me think; I returned the favor. Every time I walked in there, I was learning about myself and my injury and would like to think they learned from me as well. I had never experienced an environment like that to this point: a collaborative medical environment. I would recommend these guys to anyone. Besides the fact that they are clearly very knowledgeable and well versed in the anatomy of the human body, rehabilitative work, and physical training, they are also all-around good guys. It was a true pleasure working with them and I plan on coming back and working with them some more if they’ll have me!” - Michael Krauza, St. Bonaventure University Baseball