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Gallagher Performance pairs innovative vision and knowledge with professional experience, to serve the highest caliber of chiropractic, sports therapy, performance training, massage, and nutrition.

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23 October 2019
FUNCTION IS AS REAL AS ANATOMY The way our body functions is as real as our anatomy. There are some that like to act or state that "function" or "functional training" are fitness industry buzz words. They make light of the concept. And rig...
11 October 2019
Neck pain can be quite common in MMA, grappling sports, and wresting. A big reason can be simply over reliance on the neck and inefficiency of the extensor system and trunk stabilizers. Once an athlete learns to improve how their body works as a sys...
11 October 2019
This one is for those dealing with foot pain, calf pain, Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, or maybe your running/sprint form needs a ground-up makeover. Whether it’s pain or performance issues residing in the lower body, if the foot isn’t worki...

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