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3 Reasons Why You Should Skip Breakfast


Breakfast has been coined 'the most important meal of the day'. But is this really true? Sure there are plenty of experts that stand behind breakfast's ability to boost metabolism, improve weight control, etc. But there are some reasons to consider passing on breakfast:

#1 - Breakfast is not required to boost metabolism. Level of energy expenditure (i.e. exercise), amount and composition (fats, proteins, carbs) of calories consumed daily, and genetics are the factors that impact metabolism. Not breakfast. This also means eating small, frequent meals throughout the day is also not necessary to raise metabolism.

#2 - Passing on breakfast can help lower total carb consumption. Most Americans consume far too many carbs and far too little protein and fat. The more we learn, the more we realize that overconsumption of carbs/sugars are a major contributor to many chronic diseases and excessive body fat. Many traditional breakfast foods (cereal, pancakes, muffins) are high in carbs. Your body releases insulin in response to eating carbs which stops your body's ability to burn fat.

#3 - You can get the benefit even if you occasionally skip on breakfast. Intermittent fasting will improve insulin sensitivity and blood sugar regulation. Plus, growth hormone will be released in higher levels. This all means you preserve lean muscle tissue and burn more fat.

The idea here is that breakfast should be optional. Being mindful of what works best for someone is an essential part of any nutritional program. If you love how your breakfast gets your day started, then stick with it. But for those that wish to pass, there is no harm in forgoing breakfast.

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