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Why Rehab Specialists & Therapists Should Understand Strength

As a chiropractor that specializes in manual therapy and rehab protocols, I see patients dealing with a variety of problems. Now while the conditions can vary greatly, the common denominator that all my patients share is that they are either in pain or unable to perform a specific activity at a level they desire. Being able to provide a service to ...

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Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization: Advancing Therapy & Performance

Here at Gallagher Performance we not only strive to provide the best in chiropractic, rehabilitation and manual medicine treatments for our patients, but we also utilize comprehensive diagnostic methods and tools to help determine which treatment is best for you. This allows us to apply to most ideal therapeutic interventions. At GP, this could inc...

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Attitude is Everything

Attitude. We've all heard about it since we were young. We've heard it from parents, family, friends, teachers, and/or coaches who preached the importance of attitude. Sometimes it takes a certain individual to have an impact in ways others cannot. Likely you have had someone in your life tell you the same thing you've heard countless times before,...

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Solving Movement Problems: Social Media Entertainment vs Effective Therapy

The value of movement is undeniable. But the industry of movement has become a bit of a circus. I have seen some doctors, therapists, and trainers using the label of "movement provider" lately and while I'm not quite sure what that means, I can speculate as to what they are trying to communicate. Yes there are many universal truths when it comes to...

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Conquer Chronic Pain

Pain is incredibly complex, making the treatment and management of chronic or persistent pain a unique challenge. After reading this article, the hope is that you have a better understanding of the complexities of pain and how treatment must be directed if one is truly to overcome chronic pain.Pain has a nasty habit of getting in the way of activit...

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5 Simple Strategies for Healing Tendon Pain

[embed][/embed] Based on updated modern knowledge of tendinopathy, tendinitis, or tendon pain, let's shed some light on the best ways to rehabilitate for complete recovery. Part of this discussion will bust several "myths" or "misconceptions" that have existed about the treatment and management of tendon p...

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Busting Chiropractic Myths & Misconceptions

The chiropractic profession is an interesting one to be a part of. For some, they more than accept the role chiropractic can play in not only getting them out of pain, but also elevating their overall sense of health and well-being. For others, they remain skeptical and dismissive for reasons that simply come down to myths and misconceptions that h...

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Dynamic Duo - Chiropractic & Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization

When it comes to Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS), those that are familiar with the method will often ask me, "How do I find the time to treat my patients with chiropractic, rehab methods, and DNS?" The reasons for the question is simple - DNS is seen as very time consuming. The challenge with DNS is incorporating the method into a busy pr...

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5 Reasons Not To Be Skeptical of Chiropractors

You've thought about seeing a chiropractor before, but have hesistated because you: Heard it was "BS" or "quackery"Thought that once you start going, you'll have to go for lifeWere afraid of being adjustedThought they just won't be able to helpLet's first address the reality that all chiropractors are not the same. While "chiropractic" refers to th...

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The Essentials of Hamstring Rehab

This video highlights the hamstring rehab with Carter Henderson. Carter was a standout linebacker at Duquesne University, leading the team in tackles the last two seasons. Now he is in preparation for an NFL Pro Day. Carter came to GP for rehab of a hamstring pull 12 days out from his Pro Day. His initial 5 days focused on manual therapy, eleetromu...

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Pain Indicates a Health Problem, Not a Fitness Problem

As Gray Cook says, pain indicates a health problem not a fitness problem. In rehab, we deal with pain and dysfunction. In exercise and training, we deal with dysfunction. Pain and health problems should be managed by a licensed professional with appropriate training.Exercising in pain is not the solution and you should seek proper guidance on how t...

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Exercise That Improves Performance Also Reduces Injury Risk

There's a major flaw in the fitness industry - the ignorance of movement quality at the expense of fitness goals.How far can you run? How fast can you complete this workout? How much can you lift? How many reps can you do? How hard are you willing to push yourself?What fitness has driven us to believe is that these are the true measures of progress...

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Exercise Hacks Ep. 15 - Fix Tight Hips & Improve Athleticism with Lateral Movement

A common reason for low back pain, hip pain, knee pain is poor functioning hips. What happens to poor functioning hips? They usually get tight. This tightness leads to reduced range of motion and increased likelihood of back, hip, and/or knee pain. Likewise, a common reason for reduced athletic potential is poor functioning hips. The hip complex is...

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