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GP Client Testimonial

DEADLIFTS-VIAGRA1-1024x537I have been lifting ever since high school and have been all over the fitness spectrum since then.  In high school it was a simple program 3 sets of 10 for everything.  The programming didn't change much in college.  My results with this left me bulky and with stagnant numbers.  My bench, squat, deadlift max outs never changed no matter how hard I pushed myself with this programming.  So then I decided to leave the strength world and try high intensity interval training or HIIT. I read tons of articles, Internet blogs, etc. for workout ideas.

Fast forward after 5 years of HIIT, 6 days a week, an average workout time of 50 minutes, and the result was a 6’2”, 160 pound weakling with 3% body fat (measured by 7 point pinch test).  I found myself having to force myself to go to the gym. Every workout left me gasping for air and not enjoying it. I was extremely fatigued throughout the day and had difficulty concentrating. When you’re in a Doctorate program, you need all the concentration you can get. I didn't know where to turn because I had scoured the Internet and couldn't figure out how to program. I kept operating on the idea that "more training with higher intensity is better and who needs a deload week".

One day I had enough and set my goal: to get as strong as I possibly can. I heard about GP's training approach, so I went to talk to them to see what they had to offer. If you have read as much as I have on fitness blogs and articles, it is easy to separate those who know what they are talking about from those who don't. After talking with them and even seeing their own performance in the gym, I knew that GP was absolutely the place to turn to.

For the reader who wants to know the results I gained in 2 cycles (24 weeks):
  • Deadlift -  went from 425 to 530
  • Push Press - went from 165 to 270
  • Front squat - went from 175 to 350 (and yes I sat on my heels)
I did this at 235 pounds with 13% body fat (+ 2% for user error).  I also made these gains after 5 years of my own piss-poor programming, i.e. HIIT, which left me with nothing more than diagnosed adrenal fatigue. If that doesn't mean anything to you, Google "adrenal fatigue" and read how hard it is to make gains in the gym or even operate on a functional level throughout the day. For those readers who have been searching for great programming but don’t know where to turn, here you go.

Throughout my cycles I could email them at any time with questions, concerns, or feedback. My workouts were changed based on how my performance was in the gym the week prior. I was excited to go to the gym to see how much I could lift that day.  The new programming translated into better focus at school too. My gains were nothing like they had been before and I absolutely recommend GP's programming to everyone.

- Jared
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Friday, June 14, 2024

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