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History Matters

Seen by doctor after doctor with no relief of your joint pain?
Dealing with a previous injury that still holds you back in your daily activities or sports? Frustrated with lack of results in your training or dieting?

Be it joint pain or just stubborn body fat, it seems all too common that people deal with frustration when they are seeking results and it seems there are no answers as to why they are not getting better or improving. Unfortunately, some people are eventually told to "Live with it" or "Take this pill". While others decided for themselves, "Maybe this is the way I'll always be".

Just like a good real estate agents say, "Location, location, location'. A good doctor/therapist says, "History, history, history'. The history holds the clues, often more than patients expect.

At GP, we understand the importance of taking a detailed history and utilizing comprehensive assessments to provide our patients/clients with quality information and service. Experience the difference GP has to offer and let us help you get the results you want.
Training: As Simple as a Glass of Water?

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