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Training: As Simple as a Glass of Water?

glass-of-water-700x933Many coaches and so called 'strength & conditioning' coaches typically lack an understanding of bio-mechanics and physiology as it relates to sport. The athletes are the one that pay the price for this, as their preparation and performance can be negatively affected.

The program design must carefully monitor all aspects of training. Charlie Francis used a glass of water analogy to describe the delicate nature of balancing sprint/conditioning training with additional CNS intensive loading (lifting, jumping, throwing, etc) in athletic development. Fill up the glass with an abundance of one and you leave little room left for another because CNS resources are finite. What happens if you overflow the glass? The athlete ends up over-trained, performance suffers, and injury becomes more likely.

Athletic development is not a 'quick fix', rather a long-term process. GP applies expert understanding of bio-mechanics and physiology, tailoring these concepts to each client and athlete's program. We want them to understand what it takes to raise their game to the next level.
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Thursday, May 30, 2024

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