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Get to Know GP Athlete Evan James

Evan James has had quite a journey during his baseball career.

Evan is a 2009 graduate of Penn Trafford HS. During his time at Penn Trafford, he was a standout pitcher on the baseball team. After his high school career, James moved on to play junior college baseball, receiving All-American honors in 2010 and a scholarship to play at Northwestern Oklahoma State University. During his time at Northwestern Oklahoma State, Evan developed shoulder impingement in his throwing arm and took a medical redshirt in the process. Desiring to receive therapy back in Pittsburgh, Evan transferred to Penn State Greater Allegheny (PSGA) in the summer of 2012. He returned to health and his pitching form quickly, quickly, receiving All-American honors at PSGA in 2013.

On February 16, 2014, Evan was pitching in a live pre-season pitching/hitting session at PSGA with scouts present from the Tampa Bay Rays organization. During that live session, Evan was struck in the head by a line drive. The trauma he sustained was serious and life-threatening. Later that day he underwent emergency brain surgery and reconstructive repair of fractured skull and jawbones. Surgery left Evan with 4 plates and over 190 staples in head. He was told he would have a minimum 6-month recovery process and that he would never play baseball again.

Evan had different ideas. To his doctor’s surprise, Evan flew through his speech and physical therapy. He progressed so quickly that last month he received full clearance to resume physical training. He hopes to return to the mound at PSGA either this fall or spring of 2015. Beyond his collegiate career, Evan still has the potential to sign with the Tampa Bay Rays as the organization will continue to watch him.

Evan is currently training with GP to bring his physical preparation for baseball to new levels and he has immediately impressed us with his discipline in training, nutrition, and recovery. Special considerations will be made in his training, accounting for his injury history and needs as a pitcher. Without question, with his determination and work ethic, he will return to play.

Evan, welcome to GP and we look forward to working with you!


GP Strongman Athlete Spotlight: Tyler Mitlo

Tyler Milto (5'11", 200lbs) recently competed in the teenage division of the 2014 NAS Great Lakes Strongman Championships on September 13th. Knowing of GP's experience and background in the sport of Strongman, Tyler came to us back in June with the ambition to compete in his first contest. Tyler already had an impressive strength base for his age. We knew with the proper coaching and programming, he would be able to not only improve all his numbers, but be able to transfer that strength and endurance to meet the special needs of Strongman competition. We formulated a plan and provided Tyler the structure for training and he put it into action. Through his preparation, appropriate changes were made to continually see progress in his performance numbers. Along the way, Tyler impressed us with his display of consistent, hard work throughout his preparation.

All his hard work culminated in Tyler taking first place in the teenage division and turning in some impressive numbers along the way. Here is how Tyler finished in each event:

  1. Log Clean and Press (clean once, press for reps): 150lbs for 11 reps, 60 sec time limit
  2. Deadlift: 235lbs for 31 reps, 60 sec time limit
  3. Farmer's Walk: 150lbs per hand, 60ft course w/ turn at 30ft, finished in 14.2 seconds
  4. Tire Flip: complete 14 flips with 500lbs tire in 60 seconds
When asked about his experience with GP, Tyler had this to say:
Gallagher Performance gave me a competitive edge I would not have had without them. The depth of knowledge that flows from the offices of Gallagher Performance is phenomenal and seems to be never-ending. I saw my strength, power, and speed substantially increase in such a short amount of time that one would assume it was unnatural. Thank you Gallagher Performance. I highly recommend training with them.
Thank you Tyler for the kind words. Once again congratulations on a great showing and for representing us along with Diamond Athletic Club!

GP Athlete Spotlight: Todd Summers

Todd Summers (Murrsyville, PA) will be a sophomore at Franklin Regional this fall. At 6'3" and 181 lbs, Todd is a power forward for the FRHS varsity basketball team and also plays AAU ball for the Pittsburgh Pressure and BSA.

GP is aiding Todd in his preparation for the upcoming basketball season. His program has focused on improving lower body strength/power development while adding size to his frame. Todd has a tremendous work ethic and with his vastly improved physical abilities, he is on the path for long-term success.

Welcome to GP, Todd!

GP Athlete Spotlight: Paul Emanuele

Paul Emanuele (RB/DB, Franklin Regional HS) is currently in training with specific attention provided to strength/explosive power and speed in preparation for a number of combines this summer, with the most recent being this weekend at the University of Pittsburgh.

Like all athletes who see consistent improvements, Paul has been a hard worker since day one. Tremendous athletic ability and hard work are always a dangerous combo. Paul has the speed, quickness, and power to break open a game at any moment.

Welcome to GP, Paul!

GP Athlete Spotlight: Matt Fisch

Matt Fisch (6'5", 190lbs) is a starting power forward for Franklin Regional HS and plays his AAU basketball for the FCA Tar Heels. He will have specialized attention given to adding quality size to his frame while improving overall strength/power in preparation for the upcoming season.

Matt has terrific abilities and difficult to contain when he is on his game. He has already demonstrated the motivation and determination it takes to succeed. We are excited to have him part of GP. Time to go to work!

Welcome to GP, Matt!

GP Athlete Spotlight: Christian Wilson

Christian Wilson (Monroeville, PA) currently is a forward for the Pittsburgh Selects AAA hockey team. Christian is a highly skilled forward with lots of potential to take his game to the next level. His work ethic is tremendous, making Christian a delight to train.

Christian's programming has focused on putting quality size to his frame while improving his lower body power, speed, and quickness. With improvements made thus far, he is already catching the eye of his coaches. Hard work and smart programming pay off.

Welcome to GP, Christian!

GP Athlete Spotlight

Congratulations to Andrew Stimmel (Murrysville, PA) for a successful camp over the weekend with the Ohio Machine of the MLL. Andrew was recently drafted by the Machine in this year's MLL Supplemental Draft. Andrew finished his collegiate lacrosse career at the Ohio State University, after transferring from Penn State his freshman year. During his time at Ohio State, he was named a team co-captain and Defensive MVP in 2010, being regarded as one of the top defensive midfielders in the ECAC.

Andrew is also currently the head coach for the men's lacrosse team at Grove City College and serves as staff/coach at Low and Away Lacrosse, one of the premier lacrosse skill development systems on the east coast.

GP Athlete Spotlight: Charan Singh

Charan Singh recently completed a 12-week strength development block under the direction of Head Performance Coach Ryan Gallagher. The program primarily emphasized max strength development while attention was given to explosive strength conversion and position specific conditioning for football. Recovery/regeneration strategies along with his nutrition were tailored to Charan and his needs from week to week. Below is a video which highlights Charan's results from appropriate programming, and his shear hard work and determination.

Charan Singh Training Video
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