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Suffering From a Recent Back Injury?


Back injuries are not rare. Unfortunately, back pain will affect most people and interfere with their daily routine at some point in their life. To combat this issue, many people feel it is necessary to maintain a 'flexible' back.

According to research performed by Dr. Stuart McGill, professor of spine bio-mechanics at the University of Waterloo, statistics show that individuals with more 'flexible' backs are more likely to get injured. The joints and muscles of the hips and shoulders are designed for movement. The muscles of the torso and back are designed to prevent or stop movement, maintaining a stable back and preventing excessive range of motion. A stable back provides the platform to generate movement and transfer force/power.

This information demonstrates the importance of teaching athletes and clients how to maintain the control of a stable torso/back during movement. Any area of the body that lacks proper stability/control will compromise movement and increase the risk of injury.
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Thursday, May 30, 2024

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