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GP Differentiator

GP Logo - FINALOne question we receive frequently is, "What makes you different from other chiropractors?"

It is our philosophy that patients should not have to come in for care for the rest of their lives. Instead, we strive to identify the repetitive movements and postural abnormalities that cause pain and discomfort by performing thorough and detailed examinations.

This enables us to create a treatment plan which targets each patient's pain generators. We stress a collective and active approach on the part of each of our patients through education. By clearly educating each patient on why they are performing their prescribed exercises or stretches, the focus becomes about patient empowerment and providing them with a sense of what they can do for themselves. This typically results in great patient compliance and shorter treatment plans, with most patients seeing noticeable changes in 4-8 treatments. Some patients may even experience significant changes in 1-2 treatments.

At Gallagher Performance, we work for the individual and not on the individual. Our focus is on your goals and your outcomes.
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Thursday, May 30, 2024

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